Pastoral Care


If you or someone you know in the church needs pastoral care, please contact Pastor Susan on her cell phone 610.393.6971.  



Our worship experience is the spiritual center of our church and a vital part of our Christian life where we are renewed and empowered to go out into the world following the ways of our Savior, Jesus Christ to share the blessings we have received here with others. If you have comments or questions about our worship life together, please speak with our Pastor, Rev. Susan Hanson, our Worship Committee Chair Brenda McFadden, or any Consistory member.  Or send an email to stvincentucc@gmail.com

Prayer Requests


Prayer Request Forms and Thinking of You Cards are available on the shelf near the office door.  Please leave requests in the church office, email them to stvincentucc@gmail.com, or give them to Pastor Susan before announcement time so they can be included in our prayers on Sundays. Thank you!

April Pastor's Message

Anticipating Easter

Early one morning before dawn had even arrived, some women went to the tomb where the body of Jesus had been placed to await preparation for burial. This ritual and blessing of the body had to be delayed because of the Passover. But now, the time of observance was over and the important task of anointing the body of Jesus and placing it in its final resting place could proceed. 

The women were still grieving, they were tired, they were afraid. They could not be certain if the soldiers guarding his tomb would even allow them to fulfill their task. But, they went anyway. And what they discovered was the greatest single miracle ever to happen! These women were witnesses to it and more importantly - they told their story. And that has made all the difference for every Christian believer since that time. 

There is a story in every one of us – a story of how God is present in our lives; a story of how we do our best to follow the ways of Jesus; a story of how the Holy Spirit works through us in our everyday, ordinary lives to the glory of God. And we are called to tell our own story too – so that others will discover what we already know – He Lives! He lives in you and me!

God has promised from the beginning of creation, “I will never leave you.” And he never has. He didn't leave Jesus lying in the tomb. He didn't leave these women when they told their amazing, unbelievable story. He didn't leave when Mary wept in the garden. When she looked around, he was already there – he is always there for those who love him. He never leaves – not when we wander away, not when we forget to attend to our relationship with him; not when we avoid his call. When we look around - we find that, for us as well, he is already here. He never left – he never will.

Easter is that wonderful celebration of resurrection – of transformation – of mystery and discovery – of new life and the amazing grace of a powerful God who loves us more than we can imagine is possible. Take time to celebrate – to turn around and find out what you've known all your life – God is with you, always. May the blessings of Easter be upon all of us as we, once again, anticipate its arrival more fully into our hearts and minds.


Love, Pastor Susan