July Pastor's Letter and Worship Schedule

Pastor's Letter - It's Summertime!

I love summer – who doesn't? People focus on taking time to have more fun – go places, see things, meet people! Spread your love wherever you go! And look for God in every place, every face, every encounter! For God is there waiting for you, waiting to see if you will look for him and when you find him – you'll give thanks and praise and share him with others. 


Can we hear God in a robin's song? In the laughter of a child at play?  
Can we see Him in the silver symmetry of a snowflake or in a sunset?  
Perhaps He dwells within our souls or in the love we share with friends.  
Or, as some claim, He might be heard in the thundering chords of the organ on Sunday or in the patter of raindrops in April.  
But God cannot be found in one place, one day, one person.  
God is truly in all people, all places, all creatures - all creation.  
We feel His presence wherever we go, in whatever we do . . . because God is everywhere.

Yes, yes, it is summertime – and I know you'll take off your fair share of Sundays in order to do all the wonderful things that summer can provide. Just remember, when you are away your pastor misses you. So, at least send me pictures from wherever you are – so that we can still be in touch. 

And remember too that wherever you go – God is there too – make sure you are mindful of him in the midst of fun activities because he loves to be around you when you are happy, too. And make sure you thank him for the opportunity to enjoy this summer life of new places, new experiences, and new people. Yes – the people – John Henry Newman once said, “I sought to hear the voice of God and climbed the topmost steeple, But God declared: "Go down again --  I dwell among the people." That's the way God wants it to be – so have a wonderful summer, but don't forget about the people back at church – send pictures and love from wherever you will be!

Pastor Susan 


Sunday, July 1

Communion Sunday

Altar Communion

Focus Scripture:   Mark 5: 21-43

Sermon:  “Healing Powers”

Children's Message:  “Stress Rocks


Cissy Roberts & Tim Rossiter

Liturgist:  MaryAnn Springer

Communion Servers:  Brenda, Chris B

Bulletins sponsored by:  Bruce Fulmer in memory of Sandy's birthday

Pentecost Season Flowers sponsored by:  

Adult Sunday School Class

Sunday, July 8

Focus Scripture:  Mark 6: 1-13

Sermon:  “Sent With Power”

Children's Message:  “Sent with Hope”

Usher/Greeter/Offering:  Johnny & George

Liturgist:  Tina Dehning

Consistory Meeting after church

Sunday, July 15

Vacation Bible School Sunday

Focus Scripture:  Luke 18: 15-17 

Sermon:  “Jesus Will Always Love You”

Children's Message:  

“Let's Go Where Jesus' Love Is Cool” 

Usher/Greeter/Offering:  Sharon & Ed Miller

Liturgists:  Paula & Scott Errington

Sunday, July 22

Guest Pastor:  Kathy Jachowski

Usher/Greeter/Offering:  Cleta & Larry Bainbridge

Liturgist:  Brenda McFadden

Sunday, July 29

Miracles Sunday 

Focus Scripture:  John 6:1-21

Sermon:  “Jesus Walks on Water”

Children's Message:  “Jesus Feeds 5000” 

Usher/Greeter/Offering:  Alicia Hill

Liturgist:  Bob Hepler

Sunday, August 5

Communion Sunday


Bill Ebinger & Butch Weaver

Liturgist:  Chris Buck

Communion Servers:  

SamTolson, Brenda McFadden, Bruce Fulmer