Saturdays with Pastor Susan


But why would you want to?  Simple – interesting topics to discuss and 

breakfast snacks and beverages to enjoy. Attendance is totally optional!

Each gathering begins at 9:30am and runs about an hour.  

We'll meet in the church basement. 

October 5th - A Casual Conversation about the History and Meaning of the Sacraments of the Church, Baptism and Holy Communion. 

This morning is devoted to adults over the age of 13 who want to be reminded about why these two events in the life of the church are important to us. Tips on explaining the sacraments to your kids and grand kids will be provided. 

November 2nd - A Primer for Children ages 3-12 years 

about the Sacraments. 

We'll explain what they mean, why we do them, and how they nourish our spirits. In our church, children are always welcome to partake of communion and this conversation is meant to help them get the most out of that experience. 

December 7th - A Closer Look at the Christmas Story 

and what it means for us today.  This is a presentation geared toward all ages as we journey through the nativity story together. 

January 4th (snowdate Jan. 11th) - Consistory Retreat! 

This session is for Consistory members only – those retiring, those continuing, and those who are new to the team. It's a time for feedback, instruction, and visioning for the work of leadership in the church.


February 8th - Bible Blessings

Bring your Bible (or borrow one from the Pews) and let's explore together what we can find in that really old book that gives meaning to our modern lives today.  

March 7th - Spiritual Spring Cleaning

How To” Instructions on conducting a House Blessing and even tips on how to get rid of “cobwebs” in your own spiritual self.  


April 4th - Journey Through Holy Week 

This session is geared toward the children to help them get a sense of what happened in the life of Jesus from Palm Sunday through Easter morning. 

May 2nd - Christian Reiki?

What is it and how can it help us get closer to God. Come find out!

Hope to see you! 

Pastor Susan