Pastor's Message

What are YOU Grateful for?

Yes folks, it's that time of year once again when we celebrate one of my favorite holidays – THANKSGIVING!  I LOVE that this holiday is one that can't be commercialized – its sole purpose is to BE with our closest family and friends and to share with one another what it is that we are grateful for this year.  So, with gratefulness in mind, let me share this message with you . . . 


We all know that life has its ups and its downs for all of us. It has especially not been an easy year for some of us due to health issues, money problems, dramatic changes in our lives.  And it's been a tumultuous year for our country – so much tension, division, anger among people.  Because of such hardships and difficulties, you may be feeling burdened and overwhelmed by LIFE right now.  You may be wondering as we approach this holiday what it is that you have to be grateful about. 

Here is some good news for you.  God knows what you are going through – honestly - he intimately knows your pain and suffering, your heartache, your anger, your desire and hope for something better.  He knows it all because he knows YOU intimately.  And he will not leave you alone in your struggles or abandon your cause for health or happiness or wholeness or justice.  God is with you, always.  And long ago, he sent Jesus into our world to show us how to choose love and compassion, even in the midst of difficult times.  Jesus shows us how to love others (even those who are unlovable) when we'd rather hate them; how to be kind when we'd rather lash out at those with whom we disagree; how to treat others the way we would like to be treated no matter how badly THEY behave.  This is a hard world.  It was for Jesus too.  But HE CHOSE LOVE – always love – no matter what. And we can too.  No one says it is going to be easy – but it IS possible if we rely on Jesus to show us the way; to guide us along that way; and to give us the strength and the courage to walk in His way every day of our lives.

I am so grateful to know that Jesus is here with me in this imperfect world, loving this imperfect person, bringing his love and light into my life every day to remind me that good will always be stronger than evil, that light will always banish darkness, and that love is the only response we can give to hate.  And I am grateful that whenever I feel lost or lonely or sick or afraid or angry or helpless, I only have to turn to Jesus and I feel this - need I say more?  What are you grateful for?


Love to all, 

Pastor Susan     


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