Pastor's Message

Glory to God!

Christmastime is a time for love and joy, for peace and hope.  It is so because of the birth of a special baby that happened long ago.  We tell the story once again every year because it means so much to us that God loved the world enough that he sent His own son to be born in flesh and blood, just like us, and to share in our common experiences of life.  From that time on, because of Jesus, God and God's people better understood one another.  So, when Jesus was grown and performing his ministry among us, He was able to teach us how to live in the ways of God, in spite of the difficulties of the world.  He gave us hope for something better.  He gave us peace of mind to calm our fears. He gave us the mandate to love, and the spark of joy that comes when we follow that call. 


But, that's not the only reason Christmas is an important time of the year for us to celebrate.  It is more than a sweet little story about a baby being born in a manger.  Christmas is about US being found by God.  God has chosen to be with us and to share in our lives.  Wherever we go and whatever we do – God is there.  He reaches out to us and says, “Your life matters to me and, together, we will make certain that it has meaning for you and all those whom you love.”  

Christmas is a time for coming home to God.  If you know someone who's been away – this is the time to remind them that no matter how far away from God we think we may have traveled, no matter how lost we feel or how lonely we have allowed ourselves to be for His presence in our lives – God will find us.  No matter that we may have forgotten how simple it is to come home to God – we can be assured thatHhe is already with us. 

And Christmas is a time to enjoy “being home” with God more fully.  It's easy to let our faith journey become a dull routine without feeling blessed – but the story of the birth of Jesus reminds us again that God is full of surprises – He will come into our lives again and again in the most unexpected times and places.  So, pay attention and look for those little signs of God among us that can surprise you every single day.  Open up your heart that yearns, like mine, for something more, something wonderful, something miraculous to occur. And find it in the Christmas story.

Glory be to God for the gift of the Jesus born once again into our hearts at this wonderful time of the year and may he stay “at home” in our hearts the whole year through! 

Merry Christmas to all and best wishes for the New Year!


Pastor Susan


Pastoral Care

If you or someone you know in the church needs pastoral care, please contact Pastor Susan on her cell phone 610.393.6971.  


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Prayer Requests

Prayer Request Forms and Thinking of You Cards are available on the shelf near the office door.  Please leave requests in the church office, email them to, or give them to Pastor Susan before announcement time so they can be included in our prayers on Sundays. Thank you!