Pastor's Message

There's Just Something about LOVE Going on this Month!

Have you noticed, too? You see it all over the place – in the department stores where we shop in preparation for Valentine's Day, in the midst of the Scriptures we are hearing each Sunday as we gather here for worship – it's in the air, in the songs on the radio, its in our hearts!!!

Yes – love is all around us!

All we need is Love!

Love will keep us together!

Love makes the world go 'round!

Well – it IS a wonderful thing – this thing called love. Though you can't really see it or taste it or touch it or smell it or hear it – you can FEEL it - and you know when it's there! And feeling loved makes everyone happy.

And because YOU know when you experience it – you also know how to share it. Do you doubt it? Well, it's simple – just do what Jesus would do. Be kind, be fair, be caring, be the person who you wish everyone else would be. YOU can make the difference between a world of troubles and a world filled with blessings – just by doing what you can to make this whole month of February something about LOVE.

So, grab a friend and pick a nice spot to wonder together about how you're going to share the love that Jesus makes possible for all of us. Then - go out and share it. And remember, in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.

Happy February Everyone!

Love, Pastor Susan



Pastoral Care


If you or someone you know in the church needs pastoral care, please contact Pastor Susan on her cell phone 610.393.6971.  



Our worship experience is the spiritual center of our church and a vital part of our Christian life where we are renewed and empowered to go out into the world following the ways of our Savior, Jesus Christ to share the blessings we have received here with others. If you have comments or questions about our worship life together, please speak with our Pastor, Rev. Susan Hanson, our Worship Committee Chair Brenda McFadden, or any Consistory member.  Or send an email to

Prayer Requests


Prayer Request Forms and Thinking of You Cards are available on the shelf near the office door.  Please leave requests in the church office, email them to, or give them to Pastor Susan before announcement time so they can be included in our prayers on Sundays. Thank you!