Sunday, February 2

Super Bowl Sunday

Pew Communion

Focus Scriptures:    

  Matthew 5: 1-12 (Beatitudes)      

Children's Message:  Super Bowl/Souper Bowl  

Sermon:  What Good Are Blessings if You Don't Share Them?


Help Tackle the Hunger!

Everyone bring cans of soup for the food pantry and wear your favorite sports team's jersey to church.

Sunday, February 9

 Focus on Love Sunday


Focus Scriptures:  Matthew 5: 13-20  

Children's Message: Keep Jesus in Your Heart

Sermon:  Where is Love?

Consistory meeting following worship

Sunday, February 16

 From the Heart Sunday  

Focus Scriptures: 

   Matthew 5: 21-37 

Children's Message:  Heart of Stone

Sermon:  Straight from the Heart

Sunday, February 23

 Transfiguration Sunday

Focus Scriptures:  Matthew 17: 1-9 

Children's Message:  Shining Hearts

Sermon:  Dazzling Moments